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Zorb Accident Kills 1 and Injurers 1 While Authorities Searching For Man Holding Beer

January 9, 2013

MOSCOW (AP) — What was supposed to be a thrilling ride down a ski slope inside a giant inflatable ball ended in tragedy for the two Russian men inside.

The transparent plastic ball — called a zorb — veered off course and sailed over a precipice in the rugged Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia. One man died and the other was badly injured. The terrifying ride was captured on video. But the zorb bounces off of the intended path, and a man waiting for it at the bottom of the hill tries in vain to catch the ball before it pops over a rocky ledge and disappears down a gorge below Mount Mussa-Achitara.

Authorities continue search for man holding beer.


MTV Jersey Shore To Be Replaced By Buckwild Hoping To Blow Up The Ratings

December 2, 2012

In just a few weeks, it will be time to pack up the beach towels, tanning oils, and tanning oils and say goodbye to Jersey Shore for good. How will you fill your Thursday nights at 10 p.m.? MTV is hoping to hit pay dirt (mud?) several hundred miles southwest of New Jersey with Buckwild, a new reality series about nine young-adult friends in small-town West Virginia who say they are living by the motto, “Whatever happens, happens.

Buckwild characters  create new drinking game….. whenever someone says “hold my beer and watch this ” something blows up.