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July 4th In The USA Sucks, He’s Just Not That Into You

July 5, 2013

“Hot” or “open mics” frequently catch public figures unknowingly expressing their true feelings, usually with colorful language.

The smaller of Obama’s two microphones, which was clipped inches below Obama’s shirt collar, was supposed to have been turned off immediately after his closing remarks to guests and reporters on the White House lawn.  But the microphone remained “hot,” catching the President muttering: “God, this holiday sucks!  All this national pride shit get’s on my nerves.”

4th of July in the USA. He’s  just not that into you…The No Excuses Truth to understanding Obama.


Dreams of Obama’s Father.. Single and Childless

July 8, 2011

President Barack Obama’s father, then on a student visa at the University of Hawaii, told U.S. immigration officials in 1961 that he and his pregnant wife planned to put their coming baby up for adoption, according to U.S. government memos obtained by Boston Globereporter Sally Jacobs.

Jacobs, author of a forthcoming biography of Barack Obama’s father, obtained the files from the Department of Homeland Security in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

“In the spring of 1961, President Obama’s  father revealed a plan for his unborn son that might have changed the  course of American political history,” Jacobs writes in a front page piece in the Globe today:

The elder Barack H. Obama, a sophomore at the  University of Hawaii, had come under scrutiny by federal immigration  officials … Although his new wife, Ann Dunham, was five months pregnant with their  child … [the elder] Obama declared that they  intended to put their child up for adoption.

Obama Sr abandons wife and child, Obama writes Dreams of My Father…. Obama Sr just not that in to you..