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Chinese Company Releases Hellen Keller Sunglass Collection, Yul Brynner Hair Line On Deck

April 24, 2012

A Chinese company is creating some buzz online for naming its sunglasses line for  Helen Keller, the deaf and blind American woman who became an advocate for people with disabilities.

In a commercial for the eyewear, a stylish woman steps off a plane and walks past a long line of waiting photographers. They initially do nothing, but when she puts on the Helen Keller glasses they feverishly begin to take her picture.

The line’s slogan? “You see the world, the world sees you.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Keller’s story is widely taught in Chinese schools.

A spokesman for Xiamen Jinzhi, the company that developed the line,  told the Journal that it was well aware of Keller’s blindness, but said it valued the woman’s philanthropic spirit, which spread optimism throughout the world.

The spokesman added they are getting ready to release the Yul Brynner hair collection..