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Health Care For The Holidays Ho Ho Nope

December 15, 2013

For the second week in a row, the Washington Healthplanfinder website is down, and it’s causing problems for people who are dealing with billing issues. Some of them say the website is mistakenly debiting their accounts. Shannon Bruner of Indianola logged on to her checking account Monday morning, and found she was almost 800 dollars in the negative. “The first thing I thought was, ‘I got screwed,’” she said.The Bruners enrolled for insurance on the Washington Healthplanfinder website, last October. They say they selected the bill pay date to be December 24th. Instead the Washington Healthplanfinder drafted the 835 dollar premium Monday.“We’ve got to figure out how to get money to pay the bills for the next week or two until we have another check come through,” said Josh Bruner. “It’s just crazy.” “We haven’t bought anyone’s Christmas gifts yet,” said Shannon Bruner. “We’re just kind of waiting.” “We wrote a check to our nanny last week, it isn’t going to work,” said Josh Bruner. “So she can’t get paid.”

Health care for the holidays..



Show Me State Shows The O, Seats Up For Grab, Now Az and Mo Pain In The Ass

August 4, 2010

Missouri voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a federal mandate to purchase health insurance, rebuking President Barack Obama’s administration and giving Republicans their first political victory in a national campaign to overturn the controversial health care law passed by Congress in March.

“The citizens of the Show-Me State don’t want Washington involved in their health care decisions,” said Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, one of the sponsors of the legislation that put Proposition C on the August ballot. She credited a grass-roots campaign involving Tea Party and patriot groups with building support for the anti-Washington proposition.

With most of the vote counted, Proposition C was winning by a ratio of nearly 3 to 1. The measure, which seeks to exempt Missouri from the insurance mandate in the new health care law, includes a provision that would change how insurance companies that go out of business in Missouri liquidate their assets.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Cunningham said at a campaign gathering at a private home in Town and Country. “Citizens wanted their voices to be heard.”

The Federal government can over ride state laws, but a signal was set. Dems running scared..Seats in play


Obama Appoints Berwick Health Care Lifeguard, Everyone In The Pool, Its Only Rational

July 8, 2010

With Congress officially on recess, President Obama will on Wednesday use his ability to make recess appointments to name one of his more controversial nominees: Donald Berwick, nominee to be Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The April nomination of Berwick — president and chief executive officer of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement — was in trouble and might not have been able to meet Senate confirmation due to comments Berwick made in the past about rationing health care. Even if Berwick could have been confirmed by the Senate, Democrats have little appetite for another round of fighting about changes to the health care system, Democrats said.

In an interview last year with Biotechnology Healthcare, Berwick said society makes decisions about rationing all the time, and that the “decision is not whether or not we will ration care — the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. And right now, we are doing it blindly.”
Said Berwick, “You can say, ‘Well, we shouldn’t even look.’ But that would be irrational. The social budget is limited — we have a limited resource pool.

Obama brings in rationing expert for new Health Care Plan. Everyone in the pool.

AP Translator.Obama Faces Rare Defeat on Health Help for Jobless

June 12, 2010

If Chuck Lacasse had gotten his pink slip four days earlier, Uncle Sam would have covered most of his family’s health insurance while he looked for a new job..Sad Story

But Congress allowed emergency health care assistance for unemployed workers to expire May 31, and seems unwilling to renew it despite pleas from President Barack Obama. Talking point

Not three months after lawmakers passed his $1 trillion insurance overhaul, Obama is facing a rare defeat on health care at the hands of his own divided Democrats. Talking Point

“I’m concerned about it,” said Washington Sen. Patty Murray, a member of the Democratic leadership. “There will be people who fall through the cracks.” Sad story

On June 4, Lacasse lost his job as advertising director for a company that makes nutritional supplements. He’ll soon have to pay the entire $1,500 monthly premium to keep his family covered under his former employer’s Sad Story

Melanie Miller, 34, who suffers from debilitating neurological problems, said the COBRA program allowed her to maintain her independence after losing her ad agency job. “Without the subsidy, I probably would have had to move back and live in my mother’s house in the basement,” said Miller, an artist who lives in Philadelphia. Sad Story

“Being able to have coverage at an affordable rate, we wouldn’t be afraid to take the kids to the doctor if they get sick,” said Davis. “The economy might be getting better some place, but I don’t know where at.” really sad story

AP Translation…. sad story and presidential talking points..move on…. no information here..


Eye on the Health Care Uninformed… Health Care Overhaul Creates Confusion With Public

April 7, 2010

Moody Eye… AP Translator… Health Care Story

April 1, 2010

2 million eager for health care on parents’ plans… shows excitement

In about six months, the new law will allow at least 2 million young adults to be covered under their parents’ policies. semifact

These are the “millennials,” those who came of age in the new century and now are struggling to get on their feet during the worst slump since the Depression.  empathy

The law will allow young adults to stay on or return to their parents’ insurance until age 26. To qualify, young people must be “dependents” of their parents. They don’t necessarily have to live under the same roof.  semifact

This is the first time the federal government has forced insurance companies to let young adults stay on their parents’ policies. fact

The new federal law “provides a minimum, not a maximum,” said law professor Timothy Jost of Washington and Lee University. expert quote

“My son can go to a doctor if he twists his knee playing soccer and it’s a $15 copay,” Lawson said. “Then I have a daughter who does not have the same benefits. It illustrates for me what a lot of Americans face.” empathy

Under Pennsylvania law, Lawson’s employer could choose to offer coverage for dependents up to age 30, but her employer has decided not to do so. fact

Much will depend on regulations to be written by federal health officials.   everything  above means nothing… stop reading

Health Care Tater Toss

March 30, 2010

With the new pre-existing condition and cover uninsured  mandate portion of the new health care bill;  there will be a pass  the  hot tater chain of events  to pick up the huge additional costs.  Young adults  forced  to  buy their own insurance, will carry a heavier burden of the medical costs for  older Americans— a shift expected to raise insurance premiums for young people when the plan takes full effect. Beginning in 2014, most Americans will be required to buy insurance or pay a tax penalty. That’s when premiums for young adults seeking coverage on the individual market would likely climb by 17% on average, or roughly $42 a month, according to an analysis of the plan conducted for The Associated Press.

Once that  becomes too hot, the young  will attempt to shift their tater cost (and possibly their spouse and childrens tater cost as well)  to their  parents  health care coverage until the age of 26. Once that becomes too hot, the  parents will attempt to shift their tater cost to medical insurance providers or the federal government. Once that happens the insurance companies, with the crushing requirements and small federal co-payments,  will be out of business leaving government to be the full health care provider. That should make everyones tater hot…


Discrimination Against Tan People

March 26, 2010

Tan-a-holics, prepare to be singed. Uncle Sam will begin collecting a 10 percent tax on all indoor tanning sessions starting July 1, as part of a little-known provision in the new health care reform law. “That’s a pretty big chunk,” said James Sims, 28, an avid indoor tanner in New York, who typically spends about $400 a year on a package of 10-minute tanning sessions.Sims, one of an estimated 28 million Americans to lie under indoor ultraviolet rays each year, said the so-called “tanning tax” caught him by surprise. The measure is buried on page 902 of the 906-page health reform bill and was added in late December after lawmakers removed the “Botax” on elective cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and breast implants. Thanks Nancy.. Seems like a tax on pasty white people..

On the Job Watch.Negative Side.. Mimes Will Be Back

March 15, 2010

Nancy Pelosi states on her vision of health care…..
“Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance.” Renewed openings for Mimes…

Its March Madness with Bracket Fever

March 15, 2010

Here’s a copy of the flowchart from the House Joint Economic Committee showing  the House of Representative  plan for Obama Care that fortunately resides in Nancy Pelosi’s $1500 Coach purse. Since the  Senate hated this, their  version, in current discussions, makes this look like the NCAA southwest regional.. Focus both eyes on the center of the image, while moving your head to the right just a little…   and you can slowly makeout  the Cornhusker Kickback..