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Eye View Expose, New Information Surfaces On Princess Diana’s Tragic Death,Puzzling Coincidence

July 23, 2010
Princess Diana Crash: A Series Of Puzzling Coincidences!
Why Was Tony Blair’s Flight To Meet Princess Diana’s Body From France Scheduled 2 Days Before She Died!
Prime Minister Tony Blair was scheduled to be flown from his constituency in Sedgefield to London to meet the body of Princess Diana on its arrival from France in the aftermath of her death in August of 1997. What was rather puzzling was why the flight crew of the flight had been on standby to make that very same flight two days earlier on Friday…before Princess Diana had even died!
 It is much more than coincidence that a flight crew for the Prime Minster of England is on standby for flights into London..
Or even more amazing it was found that Diana was alive for many days, months, and several hours  prior to her tragic accident. Coincidence, I think not..