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Golf Ball Found Inside Dead Whale, Marine Biologist Called In To Investigate

April 25, 2012

A gray whale found dead in Washington state’s Puget Sound had been feeding on shrimp and also had some debris, including a golf ball, in its stomach, but scientists don’t know what killed the animal.

The stomach examination Monday found the shrimp, woody debris, algae, pieces of rope and plastic, the golf ball and some flat spongy material, NOAA Fisheries said.

The garbage was minimal and not the cause of death, which remains under investigation with tissue tests, spokesman Brian Gorman said. It’s common for whales to pick up debris near urban areas because they are filter feeders. There were no signs of trauma or entanglement on the whale, he said.

The sea was angry that day, my friend..

Tiger Woods Meets With BP and Federal Government To Discuss Golf Ball Technology

June 2, 2010

Not to be out -done by James Cameron, Tiger Woods has been invited by the White House to discuss better ways to “plug the damn hole” with golf balls. Tiger is currently working on a more advanced golf ball to help stop the flow of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The adminstration stated that Tigers advanced skills in plugging holes may be useful in solving the oil spill. Tigers recommendations have centered around the concept of using larger balls for future oil well junk shots. Woods maintains for a successful junk shot you need more junk in the trunk.. Woods stated” “Take it from me some hoes are more problematic than others.”  Currently the Feds are going through the hi tech golf ball permitting stage to be completed early 2015.