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Obama Backs The Running Rebels. Who Supports The Gadhafi Side When Rebels Win And Start Their Massacre

March 29, 2011

President Barack Obama wanted to tell a hesitant America why he launched a military assault in Libya, and he wanted to describe it on his terms — limited, sensible, moral and backed by international partners with the shared goal of protecting Libyans from a ruthless despot.

Trouble is, the war he described Monday doesn’t quite match the fight the United States is in.

It also doesn’t line up with the conflict Obama himself had seemed to presage, when he expressly called for Moammar Gadhafi’s overthrow or resignation. Obama’s stated goals stop well short of that. And although Obama talked of the risks of a long war, he did not say just when or on what terms the United States would leave Libya.

Obama never directly mention the Libyan rebels seeking Gadhafi’s overthrow, even though the heavy U.S.-led firepower trained on Gadhafi’s forces has allowed those rebels to regain momentum and push toward Gadhafi’s territory.

“We have intervened to stop a massacre,” Obama said.

When Rebels win and start their massacre do we flip flop and support Gadhafi?


Gadhafi’s House Party Crashed As Partiers Head For The Exits

March 21, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya – It was to be a human shield, a massive gathering of Moammar Gadhafi’s supporters at his Bab Azizia compound, and the Libyan leader was to give a late-night speech of defiance against the international forces arrayed against him.

They would stand by their beloved Brother Leader at the same compound destroyed by President Ronald Reagan’s airstrikes in 1986. Even if the bombs came sailing down. Even if the entire place went up in flames.

“I’m here to support Moammar Gadhafi and to oppose the threats of the West,” said Ghazal Muftah, a 52-year-old grandmother in a camouflage army jacket and hijab, or head scarf, among about 400 or so gathered around the ruler’s vast residence.

“We are here,” said medical student Salah Mohammad, 24, “to be with the leader of our revolution, even if we die.”

Cellphones began to ring. A hush fell over the crowd. People began to whisper to one another. Cruise missiles were being fired at Tripoli. Those sitting in a grassy area quickly got up and began heading for the exit.

More followed, until the human chain thinned out to a few dozen people standing in the chill before the balcony where Gadhafi was supposed to address them.

Allied forces foreclose on Gadhafi’s house as partiers run for the exits. Fist not so much fury..