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New York City Cab Drivers Required To Maintain Professional Appearance

January 22, 2011

New York City officials have changed a rule governing what taxi drivers can wear — and it’s not too shabby.

The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission voted unanimously to amend existing regulations to require that drivers maintain “a professional appearance.”

The previous rule had prohibited specific clothing from being worn as outerwear, such as underwear, tank tops, and swimwear.

The new rule emphasizes broad parameters, that a driver’s overall appearance has to be neat, clean and professional. TLC Commissioner David Yassky says ethnic and religious garb are welcome.

Drivers will face a $25 fine for any violation, but Yassky insisted before Thursday’s vote that there would be no fashion police.

Yassky did add that there may be some TSA input in the near future regarding cabbie responsibilities.

DFW Airport Planning On New Strip Joint And Airport Security Workshop Training Facility

January 6, 2011

One of the busiest airports in the world will soon be a neighbor to an upscale gentlemen’s club, but some prominent North Texans are trying to shut it down before it even opens. A new Rick’s Cabaret is about to open near the South entrance to DFW International Airport.The club is expected to open its doors in a few weeks.  Owners say their place is going to make the airport sexier. But for travelers at DFW, the ‘naked truth’ has yet to be seen.  The new strip club is trying to get a liquor license from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

“It’s a bad business to have in the area” says Whitley, who is among a growing group, including Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief and American Airlines.

The club will be located between the airport and American’s corporate headquarters.

In a statement, American says the establishment poses a danger to employees and airport passengers.Concerns over the club include that having a liquor license will cause a spike in alcohol-related crimes and traffic accidents.

However, the TABC issed a letter saying it has investigated and has found little evidence that liquor sales at the strip club will be a danger or nuisance to the area.

TSA commented it could be a win-win with greater airport revenue and advanced training and group workshop facility for full body pat downs.


Ex-TSA Leader Michael Chertoff Loves His Rapidscan, How Politicians Get Rich 101

November 17, 2010

Michael Chertoff, Former Department of Homeland Security, is the head of the Chertoff Group, was the lead cheerleader for what is being called the Full Body Scanner Lobby, reports the Washington Post and the Washington Examiner.

Ever since the Christmas Day Bomb Scare, Chertoff has been making the rounds championing the Full Body Scanners as a way to detect hidden explosive devices. Rapiscan has already sold 1000 full body scanners to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), with a price tag of $300 million. Rapiscan full body scanners, like the  Rapiscan WaveScan 200, seem to be the preferred scanner of choice because they obscure the “private parts.” 

 Chertoff heads Home Land Security then jumps and represents Rapidscan at the tune of $300M for body scan contracts, not that complicated to figure out.. His private parts are exposed.

Finally High Tech Airport Full Body Scanners Come Through, Help Make Bust Of Civil War Dolls

October 31, 2010

Two Civil War-era dolls thought to have been used to smuggle medicine past Union blockades were X-rayed Wednesday, disclosing hollowed papier-mache heads that once could have contained quinine or morphine for wounded or malaria-stricken Confederate troops.

The 150-year-old dolls, dubbed Nina and Lucy Ann, were likely packed with the drugs and shipped from Europe in the hope that Union troops would not inspect toys when looking for contraband, a museum official said.

Home Land Security taults success of new security program stating it is a federal office to traffic illegal drugs. Officials said, unlike the US mail that can takes 100 years to deliver a package, Home Land Security was able to quickly  deliver the goods on a 100 year old package.

New Full Body Image Machines Help Create New Jobs and New Industries

July 13, 2010

Opposition to new full-body imaging machines to screen passengers and the government’s deployment of them at most major airports is growing.

Many frequent fliers complain they’re time-consuming or invade their privacy. The world’s airlines say they shouldn’t be used for primary security screening. And questions are being raised about possible effects on passengers’ health.

“The system takes three to five times as long as walking through a metal detector,” says Phil Bush of Atlanta, one of many fliers on USA TODAY’s Road Warriors panel who oppose the machines. “This looks to be yet another disaster waiting to happen.”

The machines — dubbed by some fliers as virtual strip searches — were installed at many airports in March after a Christmas Day airline bombing attempt. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has spent more than $80 million for about 500 machines, including 133 now at airports. It plans to install about 1,000 by the end of next year.

The machines are running into complaints and questions here and overseas.

New Full Body Scanners….. Not so Cheap Thrill

March 17, 2010

Suitable for framing or could be available in 8 by 10 or wallet size…..If its voluntary whats the point. Until we start to profile, 99.999% of us will be humilated to accomodate 0.001% of  us.  There is no  right to fly… yet. Greyhound is ready when you are…