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Shirley MacLaine Gives Keynote Speech To Live Life As Show Business Gary Busey Not Available

June 2, 2014

As Academy Award-winning actress Shirley MacLaine took the stage at Greer Garson Theatre on Saturday to deliver a keynote address to graduates from the New Mexico School for the Arts, she was welcomed with a standing ovation. But she quickly turned the attention away from herself and back to the graduates. “It’s not a morning about me,” MacLaine told the 48 graduating seniors. “It’s a morning about you.”
MacLaine, a part-time Santa Fe resident who won an Academy Award in 1983 for her role in Terms of Endearment, told the students to use their imaginations as they move on to continue their studies. “There’s nothing more important than imagination,” MacLaine said. “And that’s what creates knowledge and what creates your sensibilities about yourself.” Using movie analogies to give advice to the students, the actress told them they get to choose what role they want to act out in their lives. “If you live your life as if it is show business, it’s a whole lot easier because you’re just playing the part that something hurt you or you hurt someone,” she said. “Remember, you’re the creator of everything.”
Unfortunately Gary Busey was not available.


Depressed Down Stairs Neighbor Writes Charming Enlightened Book About Dating Girls, No Friends No Benefits

June 20, 2013

Charlie McDowell had just been dumped, and was heartbroken. In fact, he was lying on his floor, sobbing, when he heard a voice from above. It was his neighbors—two girls—having a really loud conversation. He was so busy being annoyed, that it actually distracted him from his heartbreak. The distraction proved helpful. And that was the beginning of Charlie’s relationship with his upstairs neighbors, whom, he says, he had no choice but to listen to. They were just that loud, and the ceiling was just that thin. At first, to deal with the annoyance factor, he just started tweeting some of their more fascinating statements. And eventually, he was inspired him to write an entire book called, “Dear Girls Above Me.”But the more he listened, the more he learned. Particularly about dating. “Being smart is more interesting” he says, “and that’s what I look for in a girl, instead of just ‘oh, she’s hot and stupid.’” Charlie says that these days, he’d take a Lena Dunham type over a Kardashian type in a heartbeat.

Creepy down stairs neighbor eaves drops on girls and writes enlightened  book based on their conversations. No friends with no benefits.



Robert Gibbs And Other Obama Friends Leaving White House

January 6, 2011

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says it’s been a “remarkable privilege” to be President Barack Obama’s top spokesman.

“I would not trade the worst days here for many of the best days at another job,” Gibbs said today, after announcing his departure from the White House. But he said he wants to “step back a little bit and recharge some” after four years of campaigning and a hard-fought first half of the Obama administration — “probably the busiest years that Washington and the White House have seen in a couple of decades.”

Gibbs said he will leave the podium after the upcoming State of the Union address — but will remain in the Washington area as a pundit, supporting White House positions on cable television and in speeches.

Obama’s circle of friends exiting the White House..


Eye View Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston Adopts 33- Year Old African Man

July 22, 2010

Poor, poor Jennifer Aniston. She’s rich; she’s successful; she’s gorgeous. It’s TRAGIC. After all, she’s over 40 now, and with no boyfriend, well… tick tick tick. Obviously, her life is rapidly losing all meaning as she spirals toward barren spinsterhood. So terrible is the specter of Aniston’s fate that Babble recently devoted a slideshow to that unfulfilled crone and other “Celebrities with Aniston Syndrome.”

Wednesday that Aniston has one-upped Angelina Jolie and adopted Negasi, a 33-year-old boyfriend from Africa. Those days of trying “unsuccessfully to get a man the natural way” a thing of the past, the inevitably nicknamed Jenegasi are already succeeding at Aniston’s greatest life goal — driving Brad Pitt crazy. Celebrities: Aren’t they adorable when they conform exactly to our own tidy projected desires?

 Negasi noted that he really likes cougars..