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French Public Employees Protest Work Conditions Leading Into 10 Day Holiday

October 20, 2010

As the French government gets closer to signing a law that will raise the retirement age in France from 60 to 62, a leading French labour expert says violent clashes between youths and police have undermined the unions’ position.

French unions have been forced onto the back foot after clashes between a small hard core of violent protesters and police, according to a leading French labour expert.

The violence this week, amid huge country-wide strikes, blockades and demonstrations, has weakened the unions and played directly into the hands of the government, according to Bernard Vivier, director of France’s Higher Institute of Labour (a leading French thinktank).

The government is hoping that the protests will gradually fizzle out, as a 10-day half-term holiday begins and schools, which have been the focus of much of the violence, shut their doors.

 The French will  protest from 9-12 with a two hour lunch..The French love their holidays, increasing retirement age from 60-62 is an unreasonable goal according to the Unions.


Surfs Up, Muslim Gidget Making Waves In France, Wish They All Could Be Muslim Girls

August 24, 2010

A Muslim woman garbed in a head-to-foot swimsuit – dubbed a “burquini’’ – may have opened a new chapter in France’s tussle between religious practices and its stern secular code.

Officials insisted yesterday they banned the woman’s use of the Islam-friendly suit at a local pool because of France’s pool hygiene standards – not out of hostility to overtly Muslim garb. This has become an issue with France now  having 5 million Muslims and the second largest religion only behind the Roman Catholics..

Under the policy, swimmers are not allowed in pools with baggy clothing, including surfer-style shorts. Only figure-hugging suits are permitted.

Nonetheless the woman, a 35-year-old convert to Islam identified only as Carole, complained of religious discrimination after trying to go swimming in a “burquini,’’ a full-body swimsuit, in the town of Emerainville, southeast of Paris.

She was quoted as telling the daily Le Parisien newspaper that she had bought the burquini after deciding “it would allow me the pleasure of bathing without showing too much of myself, as Islam recommends.’’

Muslim Gidget goes on Surfin Safari in style. Wish they all could be Muslim Girls……


France Declares War on Al-Qaida, This Time They Mean It, Calling Up The Troops

July 27, 2010

PARIS (AP) – France has declared war on al-Qaida, and matched its fighting words with a first attack on a base camp of the terror network’s North African branch, after the terror network killed a French aid worker it took hostage in April.

The declaration and attack marked a shift in strategy for France, usually discrete about its behind-the-scenes battle against terrorism.

“We are at war with al-Qaida,” Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Tuesday, a day after President Nicolas Sarkozy announced the death of 78-year-old hostage Michel Germaneau.

The killers will “not go unpunished,” Sarkozy said in unusually strong language, given France’s habit of employing quiet cooperation with its regional allies—Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Algeria—in which the al-Qaida franchise was spawned amid an Islamist insurgency.

France declares war, calls up the troops.. Fighting Terrorism in style..