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Finally… NFL Draft On Thursday Eye View Discloses Sleeper Pick #3 Forrest Gump University Of Alabama

May 5, 2014

Finally! We’re now just days until the 2014 NFL Draft, and while we have a better feel for how the first round will play out, there is still plenty of unknown entering draft week. My draft board isn’t a mock draft or a list prospects based on how I think they will come off the board beginning Thursday. Eye View discloses unknown third sleeper pick Forrest Gump RB University of Alabama..



Ask The Eye Run Forrest Run

June 11, 2013

Dear Eye View

My fiancée and I are having some difficulties regarding budget issues for our wedding. I found out that in addition to choosing the most expensive vendors possible, she has hired a choreographer and could spend considerably more than $10,000 for costumes, dancers, dance lessons, etc. for a wedding performance piece starring her. It screams of excess and narcissism and I find it distasteful. I would be much more comfortable with a simple ceremony and reception. Where should I draw the line? My feeling is that a wedding is about a celebration of family and friends, and we should try to be good hosts, while her opinion is that this is a day for people to celebrate and focus on us. Do I have a leg to stand on to tell her I think that the dance is a waste of money and embarrassing, or should I back off?

Lost in the woods


Dear Woods

I understand your concern..After much thought all I can advise is….. run Forrest run…Hope this helps..