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Ask The Eye, Hoping For An Economic Miracle

September 22, 2011

Dear Eye View

I just graduated from college, am living at home, and started a year-long position as an AmeriCorps member. I’m paid a stipend set at the poverty line. Two weeks ago, my parents told me they expect me to pay them $80,000—half of my college tuition. We had never discussed splitting costs when I was applying to schools, and they discouraged me from considering state schools. If I knew that I would be responsible for half of the cost of my education, I would not have attended a private school. Still, I realize the value of education and want to take responsibility for my college costs. My parents recently sold their vacation house to help pay off my college costs and to celebrate the sale, they want us to go on vacation together in the fall. They expect me to pay $1,300 and take three weeks off from work for this “once-in-a-lifetime” trip. I can’t. But they said that if I don’t go, then they won’t go. How can I meet my parents’ expectations to be both financially responsible and supportive of their desire to travel?


Dear Overwhelmed

I understand your concern. You are suddenly being told you owe money on a debt you never expected  and at the same time expect to spend money on an expense you never agreed to, with limited means of support. Congratulations on graduating and welcome to Economic Life Lesson #1. Your parents are dumbasses.. Hope for an economic miracle. Hope this helps..


Ask The Eye, BRB With The RSVP

September 16, 2011

Dear Eye View

My husband and I host one or two parties a year at our home and the occasional dinner or brunch. We most recently hosted our annnual Labor Day cocktail party,where we invited several friends and colleagues who attended last year’s event, plus a few new folks. My concern is that a number of the invited guests did not R.S.V.P. “regrets only” as indicated on the invitations (and in the follow-up e-mail), and the guests who did attend the party did not bother to write thank-you notes. We received three calls from the 30-plus guests attending. Are our expectations that people will R.S.V.P. and/or send a thank-you note unreasonable or old-fashioned? Are our experiences a sign of a new, less-formal etiquette?


Dear Concerned

I understand your concern. We do live in a time a less formal etiquette but that doesn’t excuse these dumbasses from emailing you and letting you know they will be at your home. For the upcoming holidays,  I would like to recommend one of my Christmas  cards from the Eye View holiday card collection. Pay back is a bitch.. Hope this helps..


Eye View Science, Eye View Of The Eye View, Better Than Uranus

December 30, 2010

Physics teacher Suren Manvelyan took these ocular portraits using his friends, colleagues and pupils as models.For the first time these intensely detailed shots provide a microscopic look at the human eye structure, providing viewers with a different perspective of its complexity.’I was not aware they are of such complicated appearance. Everyday we see hundreds of eyes but do not even suspect they have such beautiful structure, like surfaces of unknown planets.’

Eye View of the eye view. Better than Uranus.

Eye View Selects Final Winner In Christmas Tree Contest

December 25, 2010

Eye View wants to thank the thousands of participants in this years Best Christmas Tree Contest. As usual the judges had a difficult time, but in the end the winning prize,  goes to Jared Hohman. His candy pink Robots / Hello Kitty homage and adjacent menorah was both audacious, poignant and gayful. 

Congratulations, Kol Hakavod and Holy Shit goes to Jared.

Eye View Health, FDA Thinks Ugly Pictures On Cigarettes Will Help People Stop Smoking

November 10, 2010

RICHMOND, Va. – Corpses, cancer patients and diseased lungs: These are some of the images the federal government plans for larger, graphic warning labels for cigarette packages.

The images are part of a new push announced by the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday to reduce tobacco use, which is responsible for about 443,000 deaths per year.

The number of Americans who smoke has fallen dramatically over the past 40 years, but those declines have stalled recently. About 46 million adults in the U.S., or 20.6 percent, smoke cigarettes, along with 19.5 percent of high school students.

The FDA is proposing 36 labels for public comment, which include phrases like “smoking can kill you” and “cigarettes cause cancer,” but also feature graphic images to convey the dangers of tobacco use.

While it is impossible to say how many people quit because of the labels that have been introduced in several countries, Hammond said every source of evidence suggests that the labels do help people quit. 

Forget the label maybe FDA should include ingredients in each cigarette.


Chelsea Clinton Getting Cold Feet, Eye View Wants To Send Flowers To Make Chelsea Feel Better

July 28, 2010

CHELSEA CLINTON in full meltdown mode after severe panic attacks – that new hubby will be a cheater.

Panicky bride-to-be Chelsea Clinton is secretly undergoing emergency prenuptial counseling ordered by her mom Hillary, insiders say.

“Chelsea is a nervous wreck as her wedding approaches. She’s terrified that she’ll disgrace herself and her family,” a Clinton family friend told The ENQUIRER.

“Chelsea never wanted a royal-style wedding with hundreds of guests. Now, she’s scared to death she’s going to freak out,” said the source.

Panicking, in full meltdown mode, Chelsea reached out to her mother Hillary on her top secret emergency number as she met foreign leaders in Europe.

Eye View request Gennifer Flowers to council Chelsea.