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Eye View Travel, 5 Best Cities On The Planet And One Off

December 12, 2012

In its 2012 Quality of Living report Mercer looks at living conditions in 221 cities worldwide and ranks them against New York as a base city in 10 categories – economy, socio-cultural environment, politics, education, and healthcare. Cities in some of the world’s biggest economies like the U.S. and Japan don’t make the cut. So, which are the world’s best places to live in?.

  1. Vienna, Austria
  2. Zurich, Switzerland
  3. Auckland, New Zealand
  4. Munich, Germany
  5. Vancouver, Canada

And the winner  best city off the planet..


Eye View Travel, Half Of Americans Hitting The Open Road While Other Half Using Their Indoor Voices

May 23, 2012

With summer just around the corner, millions of Americans are poised to take their cherished summer vacation. And according to the Yahoo!  Summer Travel survey, the “staycation” could be a thing of the past: Respondents say they’re not going to let an anemic economy or the price of gas keep them from hitting the road.  And if they could splurge on anything, it wouldn’t be shopping or fancy restaurants – it would seeing more attractions. The report, which questioned online consumers ages 18 to 64, found that nearly half of  them (49%) plan to take a summer vacation, and more than half of those (53%) plan on taking to the open road, exploring the nation’s highways and byways by car.

Half of Americans waiting for other half to hit the open road..

Eye View Travel, Hotel 41 In Time Square, View LIke A Brick House

April 19, 2012

Nestled amid the vibrancy of the heart of New York City is a hidden gem in Times  Square named Hotel 41. It is an intimate haven of comfort and style for business and  pleasure travelers alike. In the tradition of true boutique hotels, it envelops  guests with its appealing décor and superior service, rounded out by competitive  rates, distinctive personality and prime location.  This Standard room has a some what obstructed view with,  a brick wall a few inches from the window. You’ll have to upgrade to at least a Superior room to get a slightly nicer view. Hotel 41  in the heart of Times Square, with a view like a brick house.

Eye View Michelin Guide, Be Sure To Stop Off At Zheleznovodski For A Drink And To Beat Sloppiness

June 24, 2011

A spa in the Russian city of Zheleznovodsk unveiled their $42,000 bronze salute to clean living on Wednesday. The Botticelli-inspired monument depicts three cherubic little angles holding aloft a bronze syringe bulb that’s used for anal cleansing.

The sculpture was presented to the public this weekend at a celebration featuring models and a banner bearing the charming Soviet slogan “Let’s beat constipation and sloppiness with enemas.” The owner of the spa said enemas are “almost a symbol” of the Caucasus, dotted as the region is with retreats offering visitors the opportunity to get local mineral water sprayed up their ass.

Eye View Travel,Carnival Cruise The Sir Spamalot

November 11, 2010

Passengers on board a stricken cruise liner being towed back to port after a fire destroyed its propulsion and communication systems have spoken of their ‘nightmare’ journey.

The Carnival Splendor has been stranded 55 miles off the coast of Punta San Jacinto for the past three days with 3,299 passengers on board.

A major fire damaged the vessel’s engine and left holidaymakers without basic services including hot food, air conditioning and, for some time, working toilets.

Tugboats have been hauling the 952ft liner, dubbed the Spam cruiser after emergency supplies of the tinned meat were flown by helicopter to the vessel, to San Diego for repairs and some passengers on board have managed to get in touch with family.Lenora Chavez said the ship was beginning to smell and many people on board were seasick.

She told ABC News: ‘It smells like a lot of people are throwing up. I can smell that a lot and they have a lot of bags hanging in the corridors – vomit bags.

‘And I think the toilets are getting full, so all of those things aren’t so great.’ Sir Spamalot to the rescue.