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Eye View Music,Toby Keith Releases New Red Solo Cup Love Song

December 29, 2011

If Toby Keith toasted the success of his latest No. 1 hit, “Made in America,”you can bet he grabbed a red Solo cup.
That iconic piece of hand-held plastic — a staple of beaches, picnics and college parties — finally gets its due in Keith’s new single, “Red Solo Cup.” Written by Brett and Brad Warren and Brett and Jim Beavers, the catchy tune comes from Keith’s just-released album, Clancy’s Tavern.
“I’ve known the Warren Brothers for years. They got me the song, and I said, “This is stupid, but it’s freakin’ awesome,” Keith tells CMT Insider‘s Alison DeMarcus. “It’s like you’re almost embarrassed to say that you like it. And I love it.”

Toby Keith releases Red Solo Cup Love Song..