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Eye View Medicine, Doctor Discovers Boy Has Had A Lego Stuck Up His Nose For 3- Years

August 8, 2012

6-year-old Isaak Lasson was having terrible sinus issues. Every doctor he saw prescribed antibiotics and nothing was working, until one MD discovered the real cause of the problem… Isaak had a Lego stuck up his nose.


Eye View Medicine,New Nasal Spray Could Cure Shyness, Nothing New Here

September 24, 2010

Scientists have discovered that the hormone oxytocin could help wallflowers overcome awkwardness in social situations

The chemical dubbed “the hormone of love” is known to increase empathy and bonding – especially parents and their children.

But now researchers have found it improves the social skills of the shy – but has little effect on those who are naturally confident.

Researchers at Israel’s Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment and Columbia University were examining whether the hormone, which occurs naturally in the body could make us more understanding of others.

They conducted a test of 27 healthy adult men, giving them the hormone or a placebo via a nasal spray and then asking them to perform an ’empathic accuracy task’ – which measures their powers of reading the thoughts and feelings of others.

Nothing new..Beer drinkers have been using beer nasal spray for years to overcome shyness.