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Eye View Hollywood, Michelle Williams Still Struggling With Why Heath Ledger Died? Hollywood Actress No Philosopher

December 24, 2010

Michelle Williams has opened up for the first time about her grief over Heath Ledger’s death. The actress, mother to five-year-old daughter Matilda with Ledger, confessed she was still struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

Williams also played down rumours of a romance with actor Ryan Gosling as her Blue Valentineco-star  joined her for part of the TV interview.The couple appeared affectionate with one another, sharing smiles and jokes, but insisted they were just friend.

Asked whether there was any truth in the relationship rumours, Gosling teased: ‘Creatively, we are doing it. She’s like Brigitte Bardot meets Clint Eastwood. She’s like a sexy cowboy or something,’ he grinned.

Williams said ‘I’ve found meanings around the circumstance of Heath’s death but the actual event itself – I still can’t find a meaning for it,’ she said.

When asked, Williams the sexy cowboy or something, said she and most Hollywood actors  did not understand the meaning of Occams Razor.

Eye View Hollywood, Eric Stoltz Cutting Room Floor

October 26, 2010

With the 25th anniversary Blu-Ray release of “Back to the Future” arriving in stores today, much attention has been given to the original footage of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly, available to the public for the first time. After shooting for several weeks, the producers decided to recast Stoltz, who they felt lacked the comedic flair necessary for the character. And thus, the iconic image of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly came to be.

But what hasn’t been reported is how often Eric Stoltz has been recast in iconic movies before and after “Back to the Future.” Eye View  dug deep, and found stills from another  favorite movie.   Titanic

Eye View Hollywood, Ari Is Getting His Entourage Together To Help His Brother Rahm, What Are They Drinking?

October 24, 2010

Five well-known Hollywood Democrats — David Geffen, Bob Iger, Peter Chernin, Haim Saban, and Ari Emanuel — are hosting a November 4th fundraiser for Ari’s brother Rahm Emanuel in his bid to become Chicago’s next mayor. Rahm, a former Democratic U.S. Representative from Illinois’ 5th Congressional District, resigned as President Obama’s White House Chief Of Staff on October 1st. The Hollywood fundraiser will be held at Saban’s palatial Beverly Hills home.

 Geffen is the former DreamWorks SKG partner and longtime music and film mogul. Iger is the CEO of the Walt Disney Company. Chernin is the former No. 2 of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and now a busy Fox TV and film producer. Saban is a private equity investor and entertainment producer best known for making the Power Rangers television show into a worldwide hit.  And Ari is the co-CEO of WME Entertainment investment banking and the personality used for Ari Gold in the HBO show Entourage.

Technically, Emanuel has not physically resided in Chicago for the previous 365 days and is not eligible to run for mayor, so California residents donating money for local Chicago issues makes just has much sense. What are they drinking????

Eye View Hollywood Director James Cameron Said We All Have To Live With Less

October 21, 2010

Billionaire Director James Cameron has donated $1 M to support Prop 23 in California to help reduce energy use. In his speeches he has warned California’s “we are going to have to live with less”.

Eye View Hollywood, Jane Fonda and Ted Turner Make Up For The Good Of The Planet, Leading Us From The Dark Ages

October 19, 2010

Saving the planet can make for strange bedfellows, but when it’s a global cause, hatchets are buried and the lovefest begins. That’s why famously divorced couple Jane Fonda and Ted Turner kissed and cooed on stage at the 20th annual Environmental Media Awards on Saturday night. It was chilly and even a little wet at the outdoor festivities on the Warner Bros. lot (rain in SoCal in October, just another sign of global warming, it seems), as Fonda called Turner “my favorite ex-husband” (she has three) and extolled his “strong commitment to environmental and humanitarian causes” while handing over the EMA Lifetime Achievement Award. Leading us from the Dark Ages..

Eye View Hollywood, Kat Von D May Be Adding A New Tatoo

October 15, 2010

Jesse James is going to be a dad again, says HollywoodLife, which writes, “Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James … knocked up his most recent fling, Kat Von D.”

This could get ugly……


Eye View Hollywood George Lopez Divorcing, Looking For A Better Match

September 28, 2010

George and Ann Lopez are divorcing, TMZ reports. Sources tell the website the couple has been working out details of the split “for a long time.”

George will leave the marriage with one of his wife’s kidneys. In 2005, Ann gave her husband one of her kidneys because he had a genetic condition that made his kidneys deteriorate, People reported.

You got to be kidneying me.   It is unclear whether the kidney is seeking representation..


Eye View Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston Adopts 33- Year Old African Man

July 22, 2010

Poor, poor Jennifer Aniston. She’s rich; she’s successful; she’s gorgeous. It’s TRAGIC. After all, she’s over 40 now, and with no boyfriend, well… tick tick tick. Obviously, her life is rapidly losing all meaning as she spirals toward barren spinsterhood. So terrible is the specter of Aniston’s fate that Babble recently devoted a slideshow to that unfulfilled crone and other “Celebrities with Aniston Syndrome.”

Wednesday that Aniston has one-upped Angelina Jolie and adopted Negasi, a 33-year-old boyfriend from Africa. Those days of trying “unsuccessfully to get a man the natural way” a thing of the past, the inevitably nicknamed Jenegasi are already succeeding at Aniston’s greatest life goal — driving Brad Pitt crazy. Celebrities: Aren’t they adorable when they conform exactly to our own tidy projected desires?

 Negasi noted that he really likes cougars..