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Nate Fitch The New Turtle, Because A Lifestyle Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

August 9, 2013

Nate Fitch is a friend of Johnny Manziel’s dating back to their high school days, and he also serves as the Heisman-winner’s personal assistant. He might be the man who set up the autograph sessions for which Manziel was allegedly paid, if what sources told ESPN’s Wright Thompson is accurate:
A half dozen sources and counting have said that, among other things, Fitch helped run a Manziel autograph business, setting up signings, handling logistics. Fitch has been a central figure in Manziel’s life for a while now, and as Thompson points out, there is plenty of photographic evidence of that.

Nate Fitch believes a lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste.



NBC Hits Gold Prodding Ari Emanuel

March 26, 2013

Ari Emanuel was apparently so unhappy with an interview with Brian Williams that he sent NBC a “fiery legal letter,” in which he wrote “This was not what we agreed to.”The Emanuel brothers sat down with Williams on “Rock Center with Brian Williams” to talk about bioethicist Ezekiel’s new book, Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family. Williams adopted a far more serious interview tone than the Emanuels were expecting, with the discussions becoming so heated that Ari wrote a letter to NBC and submitted a complaint in person to NBC Universal chief Steve Burke. The Emanuels were reportedly prepped for a lighthearted chat, bu instead  Williams asked the brothers “about their connection to Israel and Ari’s  reputation as an ultra-aggressive Hollywood agent, among other things.”
NBC hits Gold.