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New York Funeral Presents Double Header, Death At A Funeral A Comedy To Die For

February 22, 2013

NEW YORK (Reuters) – An upstate New York man who died on the way to his late wife’s wake was buried in a plot beside her on Wednesday, after a dual funeral service that capped a 66-year marriage, their daughter said on Thursday.

Norman Hendrickson, 94, a retired assistant postmaster in an Albany suburb, stopped breathing in the limousine on the way to a wake on Saturday for his late wife Gwen, who died earlier this month after suffering for years from Parkinson’s Disease, daughter Norma said.

Funeral home staffers laid Hendrickson in a casket and placed him beside an urn containing his wife’s remains in a viewing room, while daughter Merrilyne posted a light-hearted sign for arriving mourners    “Surprise – it’s a Double-Header – Norman and Gwen Hendrickson – February 16, 2013.”

Death at a funeral a comedy to die for..


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Kennedys Fight Over Body of Mary Richardson Kennedy, This Is One Sad Family

May 19, 2012

Mary  Richardson Kennedy nearly missed her own wake Friday after a legal battle  erupted over her body.

On one side was her estranged husband, Bobby Kennedy Jr., who was in the  midst of divorcing her when she hanged herself in a barn. He claimed the right  to decide where she would rest in peace.

On the other side were Mary’s brothers and sisters, who didn’t want her to  be buried beside members of the Kennedy clan in Hyannisport — and filed suit to  stop that from happening.

An eleventh-hour court order from a Westchester County judge enabled Bobby  to retrieve her body from the medical examiner, where it had been since she  committed suicide on Wednesday.

This is one sad family.