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Ask The Eye,Everyone Needs Some Extra Support

September 29, 2012

Dear Eye View

In a few weeks I’ll be undergoing breast-augmentation surgery. I’m very excited about the operation, and can’t wait to see the results. I am a bit unsure, however, if I should offer any sort of explanation about the major change in the size of my chest to my friends and co-workers. I’m currently a size A, and I’ll be getting size D implants, so they are going to notice a difference. Do I just ignore it and pretend like nothing’s different, or do I address the “elephant” in the room? If so, how on earth do I make that announcement?


Dear D

I understand your concern. Going from A to D will make quite  a difference in the office. See if  some of the other ladies in the office will create a support group to help you through this  transition. You will need the extra support.Hope the helps.