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Ask The Eye, Your Cross To Bear, Cross- Fit No Problem, Cross- Dress Problem

March 16, 2013

Dear Eye View
My husband changed jobs and was very excited about one of the perks—time off for exercise. We have a treadmill and stationary bike at home, so he comes home early to work out instead of the gym. Yesterday while putting his shirts away I found a pile of women’s workout clothes neatly folded hidden in the back of his closet. I confronted him about it fearing the worst, and he confessed they were his. He put them on to show they fit and said he only wore women’s clothes while working out because it inspires him and “makes me feel like Bo Derek running on the beach in 10.” He insisted I go through his closet to make sure that he had no other outfits. Eye View, I don’t know how to handle this. On the one hand it was totally unexpected and I fear a slippery slope if I let him continue, but on the other hand, if he only does it at home and it gets him to stay fit, should I just let this slide?


Dear Confused

I understand your concern. Cross- fit no problem cross dress problem, something may happen you dread. Eight out of ten is just fine. Hope this helps.





Conan O’Brien Fishing For An Emmy On His New Show

July 8, 2010

Jay Leno may have the show, but Conan has the Emmy nomination.

“The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” — and not “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” — is among the nominees for the Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series Primetime Emmy.

TBS, which will air Conan’s new show beginning in the fall, began a campaign last month to have Conan’s previous work on “The Tonight Show” nominated for the Emmy.

As incongruous as it may be to have a cable network urging an award for work done on a broadcast network, that might be topped if Mr. O’Brien does score an Emmy nomination. He would then be a prominent part of this year’s award ceremony, which will be broadcast Aug. 29 — on NBC.

Luckily Conan O’Brien does have his new show.

Head Wrapper

March 14, 2010

We bail out GE (GE Financial), GE owns NBC, NBC owns Tonight Show, Tonight Show owns Conan O’Brien.. Tonight Show pays Conan O’Brien $45M not to work, should Conan payback taxpayers plus interest and fees…