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Comcast Internally To Clean Up NBC Universal Logo By Cutting NBC Peacock Among Other Things

January 30, 2011

On the eve of the Comcast-NBC Universal marriage, some people were perturbed by the party favors. Specifically, they were worried about what was missing — a peacock.

David McNew/Getty Images A new NBC Universal corporate logo doesn’t include the company’s famous peacock, as seen above at its Burbank studio. NBC viewers will still see the peacock.

The 27,000 employees of NBC Universal were given a coffee table book, a notebook and 25 shares of Comcast stock on Thursday ahead of Friday’s expected close of the deal. Some of those employees noticed a new logo for NBC Universal, which lacks the company’s iconic rainbow peacock.

The new logo, it turns out, is chiefly for internal use. NBC viewers will still see the peacock. Comcast wanted to clean up the corporate NBC Universal logo, so it cut the NBC peacock and the Universal globe.

27,000 NBC employees to receive coffee table book to dress up their new offices.