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Rob Zombie Goes Wild Over Noise From Skateboard Park Goes Old School Sinister Urge

August 7, 2013

Fans may be surprised to learn that Zombie is in the news today but not for some wild on-stage antics reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne or Alice Cooper. No, the latest story about Zombie is that he’s upset over the noise from a nearby skate park in his hometown of Hartford, CT.The noise from a new skate park in Connecticut is too much for rocker Rob Zombie.
He and his wife have complained to the Litchfield County town of Woodbury that the park, which opened near their home in April, makes such a racket that it should be moved.
Rob Zombie goes old school  sinister urge and complains about skateboard park noise.


US Council On Jobs And Competitivieness Expires Due To Lack Of Job Creators

February 1, 2013

The White House is not renewing its Council on Jobs and Competitiveness set to expire on Thursday, a decision that drew a storm of criticism from Republicans who have long criticized the council for being ineffective amid continued high unemployment and national economic turmoil. “Unbelievable,” Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri. WH Spokesperson Carney said on Thursday that meetings were not essential to generate or propose ideas and criticized those who focused on them instead of results.

US Council On Jobs and Competitiveness cancelled due to lack of job creators.



Media Long Knives Out For Celebrity Clint Eastwood Following RNC Speech, Its A War On Seniors

August 31, 2012

Media long knives out after Clint Eastwood speech at RNC. Its a war on seniors..

Eastwood’s Chrysler’s Half Time In America Ad, Presidential Foot Soldier, You Make The Call

February 7, 2012

People rarely pick a fight with Dirty Harry. But Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” ad featuring quintessential tough guy Clint Eastwood has generated fierce debate about whether it accurately portrays the country’s most economically distressed city or amounts to a campaign ad for President Barack Obama and the auto bailouts.

The 2-minute ad holds up Detroit as a model for American recovery while idealistic images of families, middle class workers and factories scroll across the screen.

Conservatives, including GOP strategist Karl Rove, criticized the ad as a not-so-thinly veiled endorsement of the federal government’s auto industry bailouts. Others questioned basing a story of economic resurgence in a city that remains in fiscal disarray, with a $200 million budget deficit and cash flow concerns that have it fending off a state takeover.

But is it political? That depends on who you ask.

Clint Eastwood being a hollywood presidential foot soldier for Obama second term campaign.