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Eye View Living, For Best Weight Loss, Keep it Toasted Not Fried..

July 4, 2010

Despite the common observation that obesity runs in families, genetic research shows that the habits you inherit from your family are more important than the genes you inherit. Obesity genes account for only five percent of all weight problems. Then, we have to wonder, what causes the other 95 percent of weight problems?

We are seeing an epidemic of obesity in America today. It is the single most important public health issue facing us. If genes do not account for obesity, perhaps it is our high-fat diet that is to blame.

The Women’s Health Initiative, which is the largest clinical trial of diet and body weight, found that 50,000 women on low-fat diets had no significant weight loss. Yet another study looked at people who followed four different diets for 12 months — and found no dramatic differences between those who followed low-fat, low-carb and very- low-carb diets.

The question then is, why aren’t we seeing any significant effects or differences from these various diets? The main reason, Dr. Ludwig suggests, is that we are looking for answers in the wrong place. We need to look at toasting instead of frying…

Cigarette Tax Will Mean $10 Packs. New York Promotes Indian Givers

June 20, 2010

MYFOXNY.COM – Almost $11 for a pack of cigarettes? It might soon become a very real reality in many stores in New York City.

The cigarette tax in New York would jump $1.60 a pack under a tentative deal struck between Governor David Paterson and state government leaders.

The proposal is part of an emergency budget bill which is due for a vote on Monday.

In the city, which levies steep taxes of its own on tobacco products, a pack of cigarettes would come with a tax of $5.85, making it the nation’s first city to break $5.

By at least one estimate, half the cigarettes consumed in New York are purchased from Native Americans who don’t collect and pay state taxes.

A new proposal would attempt to limit the number of cigarettes purchased from tribes. Gov Patterson is an Indian Giver…….



Ardie Rizal’s 2 Pack A Day Cigarette Habit Creates Outrage.. Hold The Whip

May 28, 2010