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Eye View Sports, Idiot College Football Prospect Selects Auburn Over Clemson, Chick-fil-A Bowl Approves

February 2, 2012

What’s really important to a college football athlete when choosing the right school? Location, academics, the ability to start early?

How about a school’s proximity to Chick-fil-A?

That’s apparently what swayed Birmingham, Ala., linebacker Cassanova McKinzy from Clemson to Auburn. When McKinzy visited the Clemson campus, there was no Chick-fil-A in sight, and that just wasn’t acceptable.

“[It was] kind of the environment and plus they had no Chick-fil-A on campus,” McKinzy said when asked why he didn’t choose Clemson,”You had to go like, probably like 15 minutes off campus to go to like a real restaurant. Their café was kind of small.

“Never mind that there is a Chick-fil-A on Clemson’s campus. Clearly this crucial fact was not highlighted on McKinzy’s visit.

On further review, the Chick-fila-A Bowl approves the move by McKinzy  from an ACC team to an SEC team.