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Obama’s Limo Breaks Down In Israel,Status of Check Engine Light Unknown

March 21, 2013

President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Israel this morning had an embarrassing setback when his armored limo broke down on the way to the airport.
The custom General Motors Cadillac limo “The Beast” was relegated to a pick up truck after the driver accidentally put gas in the engine instead of diesel.
Mr Obama arrived in Tel Aviv Wednesday afternoon local time, and earlier that morning, the limo that was designated to his hotel was unable to move after the driver made the silly mistake. Given the Secret Service statement, it appears  that the President drove off in the second limo while the American technician  worked on the first.
It was not clear at the time if the check engine light was on.



Eye View Auto, Fixing The Mysterious Check Engine Light

May 31, 2011

Perhaps the most mysterious warning light on your car’s dashboard is the “check engine” light, which can illuminate seemingly for no reason whatsoever and lead to an unexpected bill just for diagnosing the cause. However, it is possible to diagnose, and sometimes even fix, the cause of this warning light without paying a mechanic.

At the first sign of a check engine light……Sell your American car..