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Michelle Obama States The President Has Never Blamed Bush

October 18, 2012

First lady Michelle Obama said Wednesday that President Obama did not look to blame others for the challenges he faced as president, an apparent rebuke to Republican accusations that the White House continues to point the finger at President George W. Bush for the lagging economy.

“See, but your president, he didn’t point fingers,” Mrs. Obama said, at a campaign fundraiser in New York. “He didn’t place blame. Instead, he got to work, because he was thinking about folks like my dad and like his grandmother.


Michelle O stated the President has never pointed fingers at President Bush.


PETA Praises Obama And Return Of Quarterback Michael Vick But Still Hates Bush

December 29, 2010

The president’s decision to offer praise for NFL quarterback Michael Vick is garnering mostly positive reviews from the public–including from the largest animal rights group in the world.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) told The Washington Post’s Perry Bacon Jr. that it was “appropriate” for Obama to praise the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles for giving Vick a second chance following Vick’s prison term for his role in a dog-fighting ring.

“Obama’s a sports guy, Vick’s a sports guy, and comebacks and redemption can happen,”

Bacon maintained that redemption is a good thing but as usual we will always hate Bush forever no mater what.


Dems Change Strategy, Now They Bash The Guy Next To Bush

September 15, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has frequently reminded Americans that the nation’s economic crisis began under George W. Bush, a largely unpopular and universally known foil. Now all but ignoring Bush, Obama is criticizing a Republican most voters have never heard of: House Minority Leader John Boehner.

The shift represents a gamble for Democrats, and a tacit acknowledgment that bashing Bush — doing so helped them win big victories in 2006 and 2008 — has basically lost its magic.

The risk for Obama and fellow Democrats is that millions of Americans will scratch their heads when they hear Boehner’s name (pronounced BAY’-nur). Democratic strategists, however, say the White House has few choices.

Dems go from attacking Bush to the guy next to Bush..tiresome


True Blunder Update #78,President Obama Inherits Bush’s Iraqi General Petraeus,Awkward

June 24, 2010

President Obama has inherited Bushs Iraqi General Petraeus to pull out a win in Afganistan. Talking heads who hated Petraeus now love him..Awkward….Press should see a blunder or at least unicorns..

Gore daughter Karenna separated from husband, By George

June 9, 2010

WASHINGTON – Another Gore marriage is on the ropes.

The oldest daughter of Al and Tipper Gore, Karenna, has been separated from her husband, Andrew Schiff, for a couple months.

Two friends of the family who spoke on condition of anonymity say the couple is seeking counseling.

Al  and Tipper Gore announced just last week that they were separating amicably after 40 years of marriage.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized by the Gores to discuss a personal matter. Al Gore’s office said it would have no comment.

Karenna is 36. Andrew is 44. They married in 1997 and have three young children. Blame Bush on marriage breakups..

Eye View AP Translator…Puff Piece..Economy and Bush Made Me Do It

May 5, 2010

Not long ago, Faisal Shahzad had a pretty enviable life: He became an American citizen after emigrating from Pakistan, where he came from a wealthy family. He had a well-educated wife and two kids and owned a house in a middle-class Connecticut suburb. Empathetic

In the past couple of years, though, his life seemed to unravel: He left a job at a global marketing firm he’d held for three years, lost his home to foreclosure and moved into an apartment in an impoverished neighborhood in Bridgeport. Fact

Shahzad’s behavior sometimes seemed odd to his neighbors, and he surprised a real estate broker he hardly knew with his outspokenness about President George W. Bush and the Iraq war. Bush bash

“He mentioned that he didn’t like Bush policies in Iraq,” said Igor Djuric, who represented Shahzad in 2004 when he was buying a home. Bush bash

Djuric said he couldn’t remember the exact words Shahzad used about Bush but “something to the effect of he doesn’t know what he’s doing and it’s the wrong thing that he’s doing.” Bush bash

He took classes at the now-defunct Southeastern University in Washington, D.C., then enrolled at the University of Bridgeport, where he received a bachelor’s degree in computer applications and information systems in 2000. Fact

He later returned to the University of Bridgeport to earn a master’s in business administration, awarded in 2005. Fact

In 2004, he and his wife, Huma Mian, bought a newly built home for $273,000 at the height of the market in Shelton, a Fairfield County town that in recent years has attracted companies relocating to Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Fact

Like her husband, Mian was well educated. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2004 with a bachelor of science in business with an emphasis in accounting, the school said. Fact

Last year, the couple abandoned the home. Fact

Chase Home Finance LLC sued Shahzad in September, and the foreclosure is pending in Milford Superior Court. Fact

“He usually walks around alone, looking lonely and kind of depressed usually,” Nejilia Gayden said. Empathetic

The newspaper also found greeting cards, including one in which someone named Fayeza addressed him as “sweetest Faisal.”  Empathetic

AP Portrait of average sweetest Joe Muslim who by chance  spends 5 months in terrorist training camp with 13 trips to Afganistan. Bombing by drones in Afganistan no big deal.. Bad economic times made the bomb.. Bush lite the fuse. AP victim puff piece.. Where’s my tissue..


Mission Semi Accomplished

March 15, 2010

Maybe George was a little more Texan and a  less hick…Seems longer than $2T ago