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Emanual Refuses To “Buck Up” and Leaves Washington

October 4, 2010

WASHINGTON — Rahm Emanuel got a grand send-off from the White House  as he begins his run to become Chicago‘s next mayor.

Speaking from the East Room, President Barack Obama welcomed reporters to “the least suspenseful announcement of all time.” Confirming what has been widely reported, Obama said Emanuel was leaving the White House “to explore other opportunities.”

The president called it a “bittersweet day at the White House” and said he was losing an “incomparable leader of our staff.”

“He just brings an unmatched level of energy and commitment to every single thing he does,” Obama said after embracing Emanuel before a cheering White House assembly.

In a nod to the political sensitivities of his move, Emanuel never directly mentioned that he was running for mayor, and Obama didn’t touch that, either. Emanuel, sure to be cast as an outsider by his competitors in the upcoming mayoral campaign, did not want to announce his run from Washington.

Emanual refuses to “buck up” and stay in Washington. Time will tell if his decision to run for mayor of Chicago and deal with Blaggo corruption issues will be a major “f*ck up”.