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Pekingese Wins Best In Show, Creates Mighty Wind

February 16, 2012

Malachy the Pekingese won “Best in Show” from the Westminster Kennel Club, but alas, he didn’t win everyone’s heart in a dog show televised on Valentine’s night.Some dog fanciers find that strange little face of the Pekingese adorable. Some view that waddling ball of fur as a wonder of nature, amazing yet inscrutable.And others just ask, is that really a dog?

Malachy’s victory didn’t shock insiders to the world of dog judging, given that the 4-year-old had won 114 best in show awards during his brief career. But to ordinary viewers, the win prompted a large share of surprise and disappointment, judging by the commentary that has streamed online since Westminster judge Cindy Vogels rendered her decision Tuesday night.But in the Twitterverse, an online barometer of instant public opinion, many others didn’t get the judge’s choice. Or they just wanted another one of the seven finalists to win.

Pekingese wins best in show. Creates mighty wind.

New Dog Breed Takes Best In Show At Westminister Kennel Club 2010

July 22, 2010

The title of Best in Show is given to the dog chosen as the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show according to conformation show rules. It has origins in the variety classes for champions that were introduced in 1905 which included prizes for best champion dog and best champion bitch.  The title of Best in Show at Westminster has been awarded every year beginning in 1907 except for 1923 when changes in American Kennel Club rules prohibited mixed breed judging until a uniform process could be adopted; following further changes in rules it was awarded again in 1924. 

A new breed was selected, Sex Poodle Champion, ( Sir Al Gore of Tennessee)  was judged the winner in 2010. The sex poodle was added into the Westminister category for the first time this year..