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George Costanza’s Baby Name Stolen Yet Again! Beckham

July 13, 2011

London, July 12 (ANI): David and Victoria Beckham’s new baby girl, Harper Seven, has already become a trending topic on Twitter, with fans and industry insiders flooding the social networking site with their best guesses on what could be the inspiration behind her name.

“Harper is an old English name, something Victoria has always liked. Seven is a very lucky happy number and the baby was born just after 7am, in the seventh month,” the Daily Mail quoted a close friend of the couple as saying.

Some are speculating that the couple took inspiration from a classic episode of the cult sitcom Seinfeld, in which George Costanza decides that Seven is the perfect name for his own baby.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is ridiculed by all those around him. Ironically, he then explains it is not only a name but a ‘tribute’ to New York Yankees legend Mickey Mantle.

Like David Beckham, the baseball star wore the number 7


George is not happy with this..