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Nestle Launches GPS Tracking Promotion We Will Find You, This Generation WKRP Moment

September 27, 2012

Nestle is using GPS inside its candy bars to track its customers.

The candy company launched the “We Will Find You” campaign in the United Kingdom where GPS tracking devices were placed inside six candy bars. Once the winning candy bar wrapper is opened, the tracking device will go off and Nestle officials will be able to find the exact location of the customer.

“This will alert a secret control room who will scramble a crack team of highly trained individuals,” the commercial states. “They will board a helicopter, find the special bar and give the owner 10,000 pounds ($16,145).”

The six tracking devices will be placed in Kit-Kat, Aero and Yorkie bars in the U.K.

Another lame promotion that will be successful when turkeys can fly.