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Weiner To Resign Whacked By Porn Star, CNN On Alert

June 16, 2011

The scandal, which first broke three weeks ago continued to deepen this week.

Just yesterday, porn star Ginger Lee held a press conference to announce that the congressman had asked her to lie about their online communications. “I think that Anthony Weiner should resign because he lied to the public and the press for more than a week,” Lee said.

Weiner was asked about his Twitter communications with Lee back when the scandal broke, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Lee probably received “pro-forma” messages from his account and that was all.

Lee claims Weiner sent her specific messages about his “package.”

Weiner looked down upon  by porn star, decides to resign from office. CNN considering talk show.

Weiner Takes Short Leave Of Absence To Enter Workshop For Improvement

June 12, 2011

Just hours after three leading Democrats called on him to resign, Rep. Anthony Weiner announced he will take a leave of absence from Congress and enter a treatment program.

Saturday began with a major blow to Weiner’s chances for survival, as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, all issued statements urging Weiner to leave Congress.

Shortly after, Weiner’s office announced that the embattled New York Democrat had decided to enter a treatment program, saying he “needs this time to get healthy and make the best possible decision” about his future.

Weiner will enter short workshop for personal improvement.

Weiner Checking Into Rehab Center To Reinvent Himself

June 11, 2011

Lusty lawmaker Anthony Weiner will be checking into a treatment center – just as two of the country’s most powerful Democrats simultaneously called for him to quit.

Weiner will seek help in the sexting scandal that has put his career on life-support, according to political sources.

“Congressman Weiner departed this morning to seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person,” according to a statment released by his office late Saturday afternoon.

Weiner to check in for counciling. Will return a new man..


Weiner Will Stick It Out With Support From Rangel

June 11, 2011

Amid increasing calls for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says the decision should be up to the congressman and his New York constituents.

The former speaker said in San Francisco that she believes the decision should be made by “the individual member” and the people in his district.

Weiner told a newspaper Thursday he would not resign. At least nine House members and three senators said he should quit.

Weiner did pick up support from Rep. Charles Rangel, a New York Democrat who was censured by the House last year for ethics violations .Rangel suggested that other members of Congress had done things more immoral than Weiner.

Rangel said Weiner “wasn’t going with prostitutes. He wasn’t going out with little boys.”

Rangel added most people don’t understand the Timeless Art of Seduction.


Ask The Eye. Quit Overreacting And Being So Judgemental The Guys Hands Are Clean

June 10, 2011

Dear Eye View,
For the past several weeks, I’ve been dating a great new guy. We have a lot of chemistry, and I think there’s potential for a long-term relationship. There’s just one problem: I’ve realized that he doesn’t wash his hands after using the restroom! My apartment is small, and you can hear everything that’s happening in the bathroom from outside; I’ve never once heard the water running after hearing the toilet flush. I’ve held his hand after he comes out of the bathroom to check them out, and not once have they felt cold or wet. I’m not a germophobe, but to me this just seems like a basic practice of good hygiene. The rest of his hygiene is fine: He’s a great-looking, well-dressed, good-smelling guy. Should I say something? If so, what? It seems like a small thing to end a relationship over, but it’s bizarre and distasteful.

—Starting To Get Grossed Out


I understand your concern, but why are you over reacting? Quit jumping to conclusions. I am sure the guys’ hands are clean. Hope this helps.



Reverend Bill to Officiate At Wedding,Bringing His Package

July 11, 2010

Bill Clinton is not giving away his daughter Chelsea’s hand in marriage for another three weeks. But he is going to get a little practice at the altar on Saturday, when he officiates at the wedding of Representative Anthony D. Weiner and Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The ceremony will be at Oheka Castle in Huntington, N.Y., in the early evening.

Matt McKenna, a Clinton spokesman, told The Associated Press that Mr. Clinton would conduct the ceremony and was authorized to do so, but did not elaborate. Aides to Mr. Weiner, who represents Queens and Brooklyn, declined to comment.

When asked if his daughter Chelsea, would convert to Judaism following her marriage, Clinton added no comment.


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