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Eye View Business, Stupid Is As Stupid Does

February 8, 2011

( – The announcement early Monday morning that America Online (AOL) is buying Arianna Huffington’s liberal Web site, The Huffington Post, for $315 million — $300 million in cash — left at least one conservative outraged.

“This proves AOL News has lost its mind,” said L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center.

Huffington, who switched from being a conservative commentator to a “liberal/progressive” writer in the ‘90s, will lead the newly formed Huffington Post Media Group, which “will integrate all Huffington Post content with AOL Content, including news, tech, women, local, multicultural, entertainment, video, community, and more,” according to the news release issued Monday morning.“They must be in such dire straits that they’ve been blinded by the millions and think an acquisition of The Huffington Post is worth sacrificing credibility and objectivity,” Bozell said.

Stupid is as stupid does as AOL shares plummet with pending relationship issues.

Ignorant Actress Angelina Jolie Slammed For Her Muslim Version Of Romeo And Jumaana

November 30, 2010

Bosnian victims of sexual violence during the 1990s war on Monday slammed “ignorant” actress-turned-director Angelina Jolie, who is shooting a movie about Bosnia that has sparked controversy.

“Angelina Jolie’s ignorant attitude towards victims says enough about the scenario and gives us the right to continue having doubts about it,” the Women Victims of War (WVW) association said in a letter published Monday.

In the letter to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), for which Jolie is a goodwill ambassador, the association said its members were “deeply concerned” over the movie.

According to the synopsis, the movie is a wartime love story between a Serb guard in a prison camp and a Muslim detainee, his former girlfriend.

It caused controversy in Bosnia when local media reported rumours that the film was the story of a Muslim rape victim who falls in love with her Serb attacker.

Angelina Jolie student of history blasted for historical wartime misrepresentation.


Internet Voting Bad Idea For Hackers and The Stupid

October 5, 2010

Last week, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics opened a new Internet-based voting system for a weeklong test period, inviting computer experts from all corners to prod its vulnerabilities in the spirit of “give it your best shot.” Well, the hackers gave it their best shot — and midday Friday, the trial period was suspended, with the board citing “usability issues brought to our attention.”

Here’s one of those issues: After casting a vote, according to test observers, the Web site played “Hail to the Victors” — the University of Michigan fight song.

“The integrity of the system had been violated,” said Paul Stenbjorn, the board’s chief technology officer.

Stenbjorn said a Michigan professor whom the board has been working with on the project had “unleashed his students” during the test period, and one succeeded in infiltrating the system.

The fight song is a symptom of deeper vulnerabilities, says Jeremy Epstein, a computer scientist working with the Common Cause good-government nonprofit on online voting issues. “In order to do that, they had to be able to change anything they wanted on the Web site,” Epstein said.

Because of the hack, Stenbjorn said Monday, a portion of the Internet voting pilot — which was expected to be rolled out this month — is being temporarily scrapped.

Internet voting a bad idea for a bunch of reasons. One being, more voting aged American know Angelina Jolie than Joe Biden.


Jennifer Aniston Changes Name of Her Fragrance, Last Minute Switch

July 23, 2010

LONDON (Reuters) – Jennifer Aniston launched her first fragrance on Wednesday with a last-minute switch to a new  name.

Originally titled “Lolavie,” which meant “laughing at life,” the name of the perfume was abruptly changed to simply “Angelina Stinks”.

“It turned out as we were getting close to the launch, there was something out there that was very similar and it was just going to get very confusing in the marketplace,” the 41-year-old former “Friends” star told Reuters Television at the perfume’s launch at Harrod’s department store.

“And at such a late hour, I didn’t want to postpone the launch so the only thing we could really clear (in terms of rights to perfume titles) was the name.”

Branding Manager for Aniston said “she is very excited about promoting her Angelina Stinks fragrance world wide.” Asked by Women’s Wear Daily magazine at the time as to why she chose that name, the actress said: “It’s a long story and honestly it’s too personal to tell, but it has a special significance.”

Eye View Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston Adopts 33- Year Old African Man

July 22, 2010

Poor, poor Jennifer Aniston. She’s rich; she’s successful; she’s gorgeous. It’s TRAGIC. After all, she’s over 40 now, and with no boyfriend, well… tick tick tick. Obviously, her life is rapidly losing all meaning as she spirals toward barren spinsterhood. So terrible is the specter of Aniston’s fate that Babble recently devoted a slideshow to that unfulfilled crone and other “Celebrities with Aniston Syndrome.”

Wednesday that Aniston has one-upped Angelina Jolie and adopted Negasi, a 33-year-old boyfriend from Africa. Those days of trying “unsuccessfully to get a man the natural way” a thing of the past, the inevitably nicknamed Jenegasi are already succeeding at Aniston’s greatest life goal — driving Brad Pitt crazy. Celebrities: Aren’t they adorable when they conform exactly to our own tidy projected desires?

 Negasi noted that he really likes cougars..

Plunge in US equities remains a mystery..Hacked?

May 8, 2010

The day after $1,000bn was briefly wiped off the market value of US equities, traders were still trying to work out what caused share prices to plunge and then rebound so dramatically in a matter of minutes. The conventional wisdom held that an incorrectly typed sell order – one that confused “billions” for “millions”, for example – was the likely culprit.

 The stock for Accenture went from $41 a share to 1/100 of a penny and back to $41 in just  a few moments. Not so fast my friend.. Could it be Hackers. where a  young boy is arrested by the US Secret Service for writing a computer virus and is banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday. Years later, he and his new-found friends discover a plot to unleash a dangerous computer virus, but they must use their computer skills to find the evidence while being pursued by the Secret Service and the evil computer genius behind the virus. Probably not..