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Anderson Cooper Calls Inherited Money A Curse His Mother Not So Much This Is CNN

April 1, 2014

Anderson Cooper may come from a family with money, but he won’t be seeing a dime of it. Though his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, inherited a fortune before making her own millions, Cooper will not receive an inheritance. “My mom’s made clear to me that there’s no trust fund. There’s none of that,” he told Howard Stern. “[And] I don’t believe in inheriting money.”
Cooper, 46, said that inherited money is an “initiative sucker” and a “curse.” Because of that, he’s grateful that his mother always gave him an incentive to work. “Who’s inherited a lot of money that has gone on to do things in their own life?” he asked.

Cooper asked who’s inherited money that has gone on to do things with their own life?  His mother.. This is CNN..


Alec Baldwin Insults Gays Anderson Cooper Acknowledges Hollywoods Life Time Immunity

June 29, 2013

Alec Baldwin had another major meltdown on Twitter Thursday which included a  homophobic attack on a British reporter.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper struck back Friday posting  on Twitter, “Why does #AlecBaldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a  conservative talked of beating up a ‘queen’ they would be vilified”. Well Anderson, it’s simple: liberals are allowed to say and do whatever they  want no matter how offensive and hypocrites in the media will always give them a  pass.It’s like how feminist groups such as the National Organization for Women  weren’t at all bothered by how President Clinton treated women.Since they agreed with his politics, his sexual misdeeds were  unimportant.Frankly, I’m surprised Cooper didn’t realize this up until now, and that it  took a slur hitting him where he lives to wake him up to the hypocrisy.

Anderson Cooper swerves into Hollywoods lifetime immunity shot..





Kathy Griffin Attempts Oral Sex On Anderson Cooper On New Years Eve Show. This Is CNN

January 2, 2013

CNN viewers were  stunned as Kathy Griffin tried to perform oral sex on Anderson Cooper live on New Year’s Eve broadcast. For six years she has been shocking audiences  across America as they prepare to ring in the new year. But this year, Kathy Griffin really surpassed  herself during CNN’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast when she simulated oral sex  on co-host Anderson Cooper as well as making jokes about his ‘sack’. Viewers continued to be shocked and appalled at  the comic’s continuous racy jokes and outlandish behavior – which CNN have come  to expect from Griffin.

CNN continues its  decline and attempt for improved ratings by enhancing the  news.


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