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Alec Baldwin On Short List For Honorary Degree AT GW Understands His ABCs

November 1, 2013

Alec Baldwin is on the short list as a possible receipt of an honorary degree from George Washington University.The award-winning actor, who is sometimes more well known for his off-screen antics than his filmography and who recently debuted a weekly talk show on MSNBC, is among a handful of contenders for the award. Michelle Stone, executive director of communications for George Washington University, declined to tell The College Fix who nominated the actor, or why.

Alec Baldwin understands his ABCs.





ABCs Of The Latest Ionized Alkalinized Water

March 23, 2013

After so many years of neglect, water appears ready to emerge as a cutting-edge health food. But the latest version is a real head-scratcher: ionized, alkalinized water. Companies such as Chanson, Kangen, and many others are in the game to sell you a gizmo for $1,000 (or $2,000 or $3,000) to run your tap water through. The devices contain electrodes that purport to realign your water, split off some hydrogen atoms along the way, and rid it of various pesky problems so that it will taste better and be healthier and your arthritis will go away. In a week. Maybe two. And why this renewed interest in water..