Shirley MacLaine Gives Keynote Speech To Live Life As Show Business Gary Busey Not Available

As Academy Award-winning actress Shirley MacLaine took the stage at Greer Garson Theatre on Saturday to deliver a keynote address to graduates from the New Mexico School for the Arts, she was welcomed with a standing ovation. But she quickly turned the attention away from herself and back to the graduates. “It’s not a morning about me,” MacLaine told the 48 graduating seniors. “It’s a morning about you.”
MacLaine, a part-time Santa Fe resident who won an Academy Award in 1983 for her role in Terms of Endearment, told the students to use their imaginations as they move on to continue their studies. “There’s nothing more important than imagination,” MacLaine said. “And that’s what creates knowledge and what creates your sensibilities about yourself.” Using movie analogies to give advice to the students, the actress told them they get to choose what role they want to act out in their lives. “If you live your life as if it is show business, it’s a whole lot easier because you’re just playing the part that something hurt you or you hurt someone,” she said. “Remember, you’re the creator of everything.”
Unfortunately Gary Busey was not available.


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