ESPN Analyst Jason Whitlock Feels Duped By Documentary Does Not Like Green Eggs and Ham Sam I Am

“I think it’s very contradictory, and I’m someone who supported Michael Sam and understood the importance of his involvement in professional football; but he has certainly called into question to me everything about him, including what we saw on draft day,” he said. “Everything seems orchestrated now. We didn’t know that there was a documentary TV show already in the process of being filmed and now we do. Now we judge everything in that light and we have to wonder, was it genuine emotion? Or is this a part of a reality TV show?”

Whitlock pointed out that it seems like Sam is taking advantage of his position and it’s evident by him selling  his own merchandise online. “I feel duped. Again, he’s got a website up selling t-shirts – it’s a merchandise store. This all looks like a cash grab more than a guy that wants to be a great football player as he has said. Whitlock also admitted that if he was a Rams decision-maker, he’d consider cutting Sam immediately. Sam I Am going for the green.



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