Rochelle Sterling Believes Divorce And Revenge Is Best Served Cold With A Bottle Of Chilled Resentment

It’s a nightmare scenario for the Los Angeles Clippers: Sterling decides to fight to keep his family’s ownership of the team, dragging out his case and creating a problem for the league next season if players decide they won’t work for a team owned by Sterling. But independent attorneys note Sterling has the deep pockets to stage lengthy court battles against big opponents. He’s also a former divorce attorney who knows how to extract benefits from ugly separations.”He has a long history of filing cases, whether they are well-founded or not,” said Jeffrey Kessler, a New York attorney who specializes in antitrust and sports law.How could it happen? In the case of the Clippers, a divorce filing by either Sterling or his wife, Rochelle, could stall the NBA’s move to force a sale, putting the team under the jurisdiction of a California family court as the Sterlings divide their community property. That process could be complicated as the team is owned by a family trust, which includes Sterling’s wife.

Rochelle Sterling could be the fly in the ointment.



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