OC Teenager Surfs 1,000 Consecutive Days Worlds Most Dedicated Gamers Weigh In

For Meg Roh, surfing is more than a passion. It’s part of everyday life, as routine as breakfast and homework.The 15-year-old from Southern California recently caught waves for the 1,000th consecutive day, achieving a milestone that few, if any, of her peers can match. On June 1, Roh will reach the three-year mark, and after that, nobody is quite sure. “Who knows, maybe I’ll try for four,” she says. First of all, it makes me feel good; surfing always makes me happy, so doing this is not hard.” The streak began when she was 12. After surfing for several days in a row in south Orange County, Roh decided to try to paddle out every day, rain or shine, for an entire year. Her dad, Sam Hann, drove her to the beach most days at 5 a.m. Roh caught at least five waves each time out, then went to school. If she didn’t surf before school, she surfed after school. That remains the daily drill for what might be the world’s most dedicated surfer.

Dedicated gamers outraged. “We  haven’t missed a day of gaming in around 5 years. Where’s our news story? Oh right, there isn’t any cause no one gives a sh!t, either for us or her. (And yes, we  a straight A’s student during school and had a 3.5 GPA in college.)”


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