Ask The Eye Personal Trainer Giving Too Much Information

Dear Eye View

I am a woman in my mid-50s and haven’t dated in quite some time. The other night I attended an auction and met a man just a few years older than myself. When he initially approached me, he had said he was getting ready to leave, however, ended up staying another three hours. We chatted almost the entire time and when the auction was over, he said he’d like to keep in touch. He is an athlete, quite accomplished in his sport/sports (world famous and a record-holder in fact) and I was able to do a bit of research (snooping) on him, so I know he is who he said he is. I had mentioned that I was wanting to get back into the gym and could use a few pointers. The next morning, he sent me a text message asking if he could call and if so, may use the number he had from my original text message. He rang me up last night and we talked for quite a long time. We talked about my eating and workout habits and he said “Well, I will go to the gym with you, teach you what I can, but I cannot become your trainer as I don’t mix business with my social life and let’s face it, I am trying to get into your pants.” I think I said something like, “Let’s see if we get to that point, because you’re going to have to work pretty damned hard to get there.” Have I missed something? Is this typical behavior for men these days? Have women made such demands of equality that men no longer feel the need to act like gentlemen? Should I kick this fellow to the curb or tell him I was shocked at his being so forward? Or, am I being hypersensitive? Out of Circulation

Dear C

I understand your concern.You’re in your 50s and have been out of the dating scene for a long time. You know that the number of available men is small, and most of them will not be to your taste. If you remain intrigued by this cocky athlete, then go ahead and see him again. Yes, this guy’s come-on may have turned you off, but I guarantee he’s used it many times, maybe to some effect. On the other hand he may be trying to get into your pants.

Hope this helps.





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