Ask The Eye Boyfriend Regifter Look At The Bright Side

Dear Eye View

My boyfriend has always been terrible at giving gifts. For our eight-year anniversary I gave him lots of hints that I wanted something special. In all the previous years he gave nothing. This year he said he got me something meaningful and stupidly I got my hopes up. On our anniversary day, he gave me his—wait for it—wisdom tooth. He had to have it extracted a few weeks earlier and kept it so he could give me a “part of himself.” I’m upset beyond words. How do I teach an otherwise wonderful man how to give good gifts, without specifying exactly what I want? Wondering

Dear W

There is a list of traditional gifts for anniversaries: 1st year,paper; 25th year,silver. But I missed your boyfriend’s innovation: 8th year, enamel! Other than the fact you have been dating for 8 years and he gave you medical waste for your birthday, things could be worse. Look at the bright side.






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