Idiot Yahoo Writer Discovers Breakthrough Wins Einstein Science Award

The fact that you need to be saving money for retirement isn’t exactly news. But what are you actually saving for?
According to William Bernstein, a neurologist and co-founder of investment management firm Efficient Frontier Advisors, having a good idea of how you’ll spend those post-work years is critical to how happy you’ll be. As he says in the Wall Street Journal, “‘Golf’ is not a plan.”Bernstein provides a simple equation to predict how happy you’ll be after leaving the workforce:

Retirement Happiness = [How Much You Dislike Your Job] x [How Much You Want to Do Something Else]
In Bernstein’s opinion, you need both factors in order to be a happy retiree. Love your job? Then one of your factors is zero. Have no idea what your days will look like after retiring? There goes the other factor.

Therefore a Retirement Happiness value of 250 means?  Idiot Yahoo writer wins another Einstein Science Award.




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