Ask The Eye Jilted Lover Hopping Mad

Dear Eye View
I recently ended a relationship after a year, after I found out that my ex was cheating on me, via Facebook. He woke up in my bed and fell asleep in hers. I was out shopping for his Christmas present at the time he was taking her on a date. She knew he had a girlfriend and did not care. I was blindsided. I have been cheated on before and ended many relationships, but for some reason I am still feeling angry about this four months later. I find myself daily wishing he would die a slow painful death or drink himself to death. I have never felt such hate in my life toward someone and it scares me. I know lots of people joke about this, but I am not joking. I don’t want to harm him, I just hope something really horrible happens to make him suffer. I am a good person, I volunteer, have good friends, and have never had feelings like this before and I feel horribly guilty. How can I move past this, or is this normal? Not to Be Ignored

I understand your concern.Almost anyone who’s loved then said, “Get lost,” has been there. You perhaps are having a harder time dealing with this breakup because you maybe thought this time you’d get off the dating merry-go-round. Stop feeling guilty.You haven’t hired a hit man, your brain is just pulling a Dexter on a deserving creep. Maybe you should take up a new hobby. Cooking can be a relaxing.Hope this helps.



fatal attraction

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