Ask The Eye No One Should Be Forced To Bake A Cake

Dear Eye View

My nephew is getting married next year. I was very excited because I love him  and I’m a baker. I had planned on making the groom’s cake as I did for his  brother’s and sister’s weddings. The problem is, they have decided on a hunting  theme for their wedding — including a camouflage wedding dress for the  bride. Eye View , I am an animal-rights activist. I’m against any form of hunting. I am  also involved with several animal-protection groups. My nephew and his fiancee  know how hard I work for animal rights — just the thought of a hunting theme  for a wedding makes me ill. I don’t even want to attend, let alone make a cake. What can I do so there  will be no hurt feelings if I don’t want to attend or participate? Worried

Dear W

Feeling as strongly as you do about not attending, write the happy couple a warm  letter wishing them a lifetime of happiness together and include a nice wedding  gift — I’m sure there will be no hurt feelings. No one should be forced to bake a cake.




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