Ask The Eye Stinky Stepson EAU MY

Dear Eye View

Recently my 30-year-old stepson moved to town. He has many issues (including alcoholism). My issue is that I can’t stand the way he smells. He wears a musty, rank, cologne that lingers for hours, or even days, unless we wash or deodorize any fabrics in the room. Car rides are horrible. We have politely asked him several times not to use it, and I even suggested that the mild chemotherapy I take might make me extra sensitive to smells. I bought him a different scent to try out, but to no avail. Tonight, he showed up reeking again, and I grabbed my car keys and went back to work. I’m battling a serious, chronic illness, so working extra hours is not more than a temporary solution. It seems ridiculous to be focusing on a smell, when my stepson can’t manage independent living, but its nostril-popping bad. How do I deal with this without putting my husband on the defensive or becoming an evil stepmom? Confused

Dear Confused

I understand your concern.If he’s dousing himself with cologne before a visit it may be to cover the smell of his poor hygiene or the reek of alcohol. It could also be that this scent has permeated all his clothing and even if he’s not slapping it on, his dirty clothes just permanently exude it.Respectfully, your husband should explain that you cannot be around scents and that you’d both appreciate if he got his outerwear dry-cleaned, he laundered his clothes, and showered before coming. If your stepson just won’t do this, then your husband has to visit his son at his place or in the neutral zone.Recomend he set phasers to stunning.

Hope this helps



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