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Obamacare Website Can Take The Reservation But Not Hold The Reservation

December 6, 2013

Much of the focus and media coverage have been on the front-end problems with the portal, and administration officials have repeatedly claimed that could not handle the traffic that resulted from Americans who were supposedly attempting to log on en masse.

But insurance companies have complained of back-end problems. Some insurance companies have warned that the “faulty and incomplete” data they are receiving from the website may actually mean Americans who think they signed up for insurance will not be enrolled.

One health care consultant asked of Obama administration officials: Are they “stupid enough to fix the front end of this thing before they fix the back end?”

Obamacare website allow insurance companies to take the reservation but not hold the reservation.


hold the reservation

Ask The Eye Stuck In The Middle With You

December 6, 2013

Dear Eye View

Our daughter “Amanda” lives in another state and has been married to “Jacob” for several years. Theirs is an open relationship, and I have always known that. My husband, however has kept his head in the sand regarding this. My daughter has a boyfriend, “Tom,” whom Jacob knows about and has a great friendship with. They are all planning to come to our home this Christmas, but my husband insists that Tom (who has visited us previously) is not welcome. Do I tell our daughter, son-in-law, and daughter’s boyfriend to make other holiday plans? My opinion is that they are all consenting adults, there are no children involved, and always behave appropriately in public.

Stuck in the Middle With Him

Dear Stuck

I understand your concern. I support your conclusion that your daughter and the men in her life are consenting adults and as long as they behave with decorum, what they do in private is none of your business. But they are also open about their open relationship, so I can understand your husband’s point of view that he attended Amanda’s wedding to Jacob, where she vowed to forsake all others, including every Tom, Harry, and Dick. Tell him to view the big picture, loosen up, and enjoy the show. Hope this helps.




Ask The Eye Christmas Time Keeping Up With The Joneses

December 5, 2013

Dear Eye View

I’m a single, never-married 44-year-old woman. I love getting fold-out holiday cards that include multiple pictures of friends and family every year, because you can see how their kids are growing up. I don’t have any kids, so I borrowed my niece and nephew (and used some pictures of my dog) to put together my own holiday card. However, another single woman friend said I was wrong to use my niece and nephew because people only want to see your own kids. Am I out of line for taking holiday pictures with nieces and nephews? I’m not pretending they’re mine.

—Bewildered Auntie


Dear Bewildered,

I understand your concern. You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the holiday greeting card. It is not sent out as documentation of one’s fecundity. If you’ve already ordered up the card you describe, sure, go ahead and send it. But make sure you sign each one with something like, “Best wishes from Karen Keegan (and niece Isabelle and nephew Jake).” You do not want to give the impression to people who don’t closely keep up with you that you have somehow acquired an instant family. But going forward, let go of the idea of borrowing children unless you have a massive drug deal in the works. Hope this helps.



Chrisopther Walken Gives Acting Advice To “Sergio P” And “Ash K”

December 4, 2013

Apparently, nobody taught Christopher Walken that it’s not wise to get into cars with strangers. Because last month, that’s exactly what the Academy Award-winning actor did.

On Nov. 19, two fans — identified by the Gothamist as “Sergio P.” and “Ash K.” — noticed Walken struggling to hail a cab on Columbus Avenue in New York City.

Upon seeing the actor, Ash reportedly yelled to Sergio, “Yo man, that was the king of New York!” — referring to Walken’s 1990 crime film of the same name. The pair offered him a ride, and the 70-year-old actor graciously accepted. Then, the ultimate selfie was taken, which was posted on Reddit.

“He wasn’t weirded out by the situation,” Sergio told the Gothamist. “We were really nice and told him we were fans and would be honored to give him a lift. He was totally cool with it.”

They drove about 40 blocks down the city’s West Side, and Walken even gave Ash acting advice.


Obamacare Website Blazing Saddles 2.0 Recreates Unsecured Fake Rock Ridge

December 3, 2013

It could take a year to secure the risk of “high exposures” of personal information on the federal Obamacare online exchange, a cybersecurity expert told CNBC on Monday. “When you develop a website, you develop it with security in mind. And it doesn’t appear to have happened this time,” said David Kennedy, a so-called “white hat” hacker who tests online security by breaching websites. He testified on Capitol Hill about the flaws of last week.”It’s really hard to go back and fix the security around it because security wasn’t built into it,” said Kennedy, chief executive of TrustedSec. “We’re talking multiple months to over a year to at least address some of the critical-to-high exposures on the website itself.”

Obamacare creates unsecured architecture. Blazing Saddles 2.0.



Baby Boomer Busted What Is The Big Chill?

December 1, 2013

We are the generation that changed everything. Of all the eras and epochs of Americans, ours is the one that made the biggest impression—on ourselves. That’s an important accomplishment, because we’re the generation that created the self, made the firmament of the self, divided the light of the self from the darkness of the self, and said, “Let there be self.” If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you may have noticed this yourself.That’s not to say we’re a selfish generation. Selfish means “too concerned with the self,” and we’re not. Self isn’t something we’re just, you know, concerned with. We are self. Fortunately, we are all alike in our approach to big, broad problems too. We won’t face them. There’s a website for that, a support group to join, a class to take, alternative medicine, regular exercise, a book that explains it all, a celebrity on TV who’s been through the same thing, or we can eliminate gluten from our diet. History is full of generations that had too many problems. We are the first generation to have too many answers.

Alex, what is the Big Chill?