Chrisopther Walken Gives Acting Advice To “Sergio P” And “Ash K”

Apparently, nobody taught Christopher Walken that it’s not wise to get into cars with strangers. Because last month, that’s exactly what the Academy Award-winning actor did.

On Nov. 19, two fans — identified by the Gothamist as “Sergio P.” and “Ash K.” — noticed Walken struggling to hail a cab on Columbus Avenue in New York City.

Upon seeing the actor, Ash reportedly yelled to Sergio, “Yo man, that was the king of New York!” — referring to Walken’s 1990 crime film of the same name. The pair offered him a ride, and the 70-year-old actor graciously accepted. Then, the ultimate selfie was taken, which was posted on Reddit.

“He wasn’t weirded out by the situation,” Sergio told the Gothamist. “We were really nice and told him we were fans and would be honored to give him a lift. He was totally cool with it.”

They drove about 40 blocks down the city’s West Side, and Walken even gave Ash acting advice.


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