Madrid Architecture Student Designs 600 Foot Tall Nomadic City At The Intersection of Been There And Done That

When a city struggles–much like Detroit is struggling today–residents move. But what if the city moved instead? Madrid-based architecture student Manuel Dominguez imagines a mobile, nomadic city with his design for Very Large Structure, a gigantic community on wheels.

The structure stretches the length of five football fields and is nearly 600 feet tall, perched on caterpillar-like legs that run along a track. In Dominguez’s vision, the city would follow a schedule throughout the year, traveling to different places based on the needs of the region. Onboard, solar panels, wind turbines, and hydrogen would provide renewable energy for a full city, including hospitals, restaurants, libraries, universities, and sports stadiums.Even though I’m very attracted to science fiction and utopical and distopical architecture and urbanism, I was more interested in investigating real-life technology that has already been tested, working, and available since the 1960s,”

Manuel Dominquez discovers trailer parks.


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