Obamacare 10 Essential Ingredients Gets MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Chopped

Obamacare has booted ex-MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan from his health insurance plan. Ratigan stirred up social media when he tweeted that his inexpensive  catastrophic health coverage got cancelled, for which he thanked the  president. President Obama repeatedly declared that “if you like your plan, you can keep your  plan” when he was selling healthcare reform via the Affordable Care Act to  the American people, but this is not is not holding true for those who buy their  insurance directly on the individual market. Obamacare on a one-size-fits-all basis requires insurers to cover 10  so-called essential benefits which rules out many cafeteria/catastrophic plans  that many Americans prefer in the context of their budget and/or income. As a  result, consumers will be compelled to pay for additional coverage that they  neither want nor need and/or which may be inappropriate for their age or  gender. No one needs to hold a bake sale for Dylan Ratigan. As a former high-profile  media personality, Ratigan probably is well-fixed enough financially to afford  higher premiums in the Obamacare environment.
No bake sale for Dylan Ratigan, gets chopped due to strange ingredients.



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