Ask The Eye A True Guitar Hero

Dear Eye View

I did something bad. Two years ago my brother-in-law died suddenly. Needless to say my in-laws were completely devastated, and my MIL was put on sedation for a few weeks. My husband’s pushy cousin stepped in and took over a lot of the decisions being made. One of them was to place my BIL’s beautiful guitar that his mother had given him in the coffin to be buried with him. I didn’t feel it was my place to speak up, but I thought it was a stupid thing to do. After the visitation at the funeral home I said to an attendant that I thought it was awful that they were going to bury such a valuable object. Since it was to be a closed casket funeral he offered to take the guitar out and set it aside before the coffin was sealed, and I agreed. Later he gave it to me and I brought it home and hid it. Now all this time later my MIL often bemoans the fact that we did such a dumb thing, and says how much she wishes she could have the guitar back to remember her son by. If I speak up and tell what I did, everyone in the family is going to be furious at me, including my husband. I would feel terrible selling it so it remains hidden. Should I face the music and give it back?


Dear Scared

I understand your concern. You were stepping up to prevent the pushy cousin from pushing her emotional agenda into your brother-in-law’s coffin. So you conspired with a mortuary attendant to consider your family’s long-term emotional interests and rescue this dear object.To make this happen, first you have to tell your husband. Don’t cast this story as one of your wrongdoing. Say that in the moment you acted because you thought his cousin was making a terrible decision.Tell your husband you were a true guitar hero. Hope this helps



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