6 People Sign Up For Obamcare On Day 1, US Consumers Drinking The Hatorade

Six. That’s how many people signed up for Obamacare on Day 1, according to CBS News, and no that’s not a misprint.

The Obama administration has kept the number of enrollments close to the vest. It’s touted the number of visitors to the troubled HealthCare.gov website — 4.7 million — but hasn’t released the actual number of enrollments.

But according to CBS News, notes from a “war room” meeting the day after the Affordable Care Act launched on Oct. 1 say “six enrollments have occurred so far.” By the end of Day 2, enrollments totaled 248 nationwide.

The White House predicted 500,000 would sign up by the end of the month, according to a memo obtained by The Associated Press, and that was considered a “modest start” for the market.

CBS notes that in order to meet the goal of 7 million enrollments by March 1, the exchanges need to enroll an average of 39,000 a day.

US consumers drinking the Hatorade.


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